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The Dirtiest Hair in the World
The Dirtiest Hair in the World hardcover

by Bob McAllen, illustrated by Tom McClure
Claire has long, beautiful hair. She also has a mind of her own. And one day she decides she will not wash her hair. At first, her hair is not so bad. But as the weeks go by, tangles grow to brambles. Luckily, even a very stubborn girl can change her mind. When Claire announces, 'I'll wash my hair!'; that's when the fun begins. You won't believe what crawls, walks, falls, and flies out of Claire's hair. Children of all ages will enjoy this vividly illustrated rhyming tale of a girl who learns her lesson...or does she?

"This book is a WINNER! Its not-so-subtle hygienic message is delivered with fantasy and humor. The illustrations are gorgeous and detailed."—Margaret McGilvray, Primary Teacher/Principal (ret.)

"As original as it is entertaining...beautifully told and illustrated...highly recommended for family, school, and community library children's picturebook collections."—Midwest Book Review Children's Bookwatch

"Girls and boys will be tickled by this rhymed story of a girl who refused to wash her hair, sending her parents into despair and her cat fleeing. And when she finally did, well, they found a whole lot of stuff nestled up there, including a unicorn!"—St. Paul Pioneer Press, "Best Children's Books"

Ages 5 & up. Hardcover, dust jacket, full color, 12 1/4" x 7 3/4", 48 pages. 

ISBN 978-1-934277-24-9, $17.99

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WINNER! Mom's Choice Award®

My Favorite Sounds from A to Z
My Favorite Sounds from A to Z hardcover

by Peggy Snow, illustrated by Brian Barber
Rhyming poems and lush illustrations present an alphabet of sounds, from acorns cracking under bicycle wheels to zippers zipping on sleeping bags during family camping trips. In between, an alphabet of sounds to explore, experience, and share. Children will be inspired to listen more closely to sounds in their everyday lives, imagine sounds they haven't yet heard, experiment with creating new sounds, even sharpen their listening skills. Parents and teachers, this is a book you'll want to read aloud.

"Never have the letters of the alphabet been laid out in such a refreshing and unique way as this...it reads more like a piece of children's literature than an ancient primer of the ABC's. A fantastic addition to the classroom or home."—Children's Literature

"A collection that students will truly enjoy. Great for reading aloud. Writing teachers will love it! The poems can be easily used to teach sound words, adverbs, adjectives and word choice. The pictures are very colorful and will draw the student's attention."—Arlington Independent School District

"The color illustrations by Brian Barber brim with vigor and enthusiasm, in this lovely read-aloud ABC book highly recommended for children's library collections."—Children's Bookwatch

Ages 3 and up. Hardcover, dust jacket, full-color illustrations, 8 1/2" x 10 1/2", 32 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1-934277-02-7, $15.99

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WINNER! Moonbeam Children's Book Award

My Favorite Places from A to Z
My Favorite Places from A to Z hardcover

by Peggy Snow, illustrated by Brian Barber
Vivid poems and illustrations describe an alphabet of places special to children. They'll journey from art room to zoo, with stops along the way at an ice cream cafe, a science museum, a library, a jungle gym, the ocean, and more. Children explore memories, imagine places they would like to go, and realize their world is expanding. Written in verse with an appealing variety of rhymes and rhythms, Places will touch both children—and adults, who may remember favorite places of their own.

"A delightful children's ABC picture book.... A joy to read aloud and share with little ones."—Midwest Book Review Children's Bookwatch

Ages 3 and up. Hardcover, dust jacket, full-color illustrations, 8 1/2" x 10 1/2", 32 pages. ISBN 978-1-934277-03-4, $15.99
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Child of Mine
Child of Mine

written and illustrated by Carrie Hartman
It's not easy raising a child with learning or behavior problems. And it's not easy being that child. Parents of challenging children will relate to the emotions Carrie Hartman expresses in this beautiful and heartwarming book—and the hope she shares. Children who struggle with behavior issues, disorders, and disabilities will be reassured by words and pictures that communicate love, confidence, and faith in their future. A picture book for parents and children to share. Makes a perfect gift of support for parents and caregivers who are dealing with a challenging child.

"In fifteen compelling full-spread illustrations and with just 153 words, the author captures the three most likely areas of life pain for children with behavioral and emotional difficulties: being angry, being sad, and being "different." Her book reassures both the child and the parent and reminds us that the child's potentials can be realized and that life, though stressful for a special-needs child, can be beautiful."—John F. Taylor, Ph.D., author, The Survival Guide for Kids with ADD or ADHD

"Any parent with a child with learning differences can and will relate to this book. A perfect portrayal of both the sadness and joy a child with special needs brings to a family."—Susie Frank, Special Education teacher (ret.)

"An honest look at the range of emotions involved in raising a challenging child.... A very positive book for children and their parents."—Jamie Stack, Ed.S., School Psychologist

"A first choice to read to children when they're having a bad day. It's written and illustrated so sweetly and captures that tenderness at the center of our relationships with children. Great book!"—M. Mills, parent

Ages 5 and up. Hardcover, dust jacket, full-color illustrations, 8 1/4" x 8 1/4", 32 pages. ISBN 978-1-934277-12-6, $11.99
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