Todd Snow, President & Owner
About Us

Todd Snow founded 
Maren Green Publishing in 2006. With more than 25 years of experience in publishing, his goal is to produce high-quality books for children from birth to around age nine. 

Maren Green books good for young children™ support and expand children's understanding of their life experiences in positive, affirming, fun, and educational ways. The text is inviting and age-appropriate. The illustrations are colorful, engaging, and multicultural. 

"We want our books read over and over again. Children love hearing rhyming verses and following the alphabet, and that's why we publish rhyming verses and many alphabet books. Children relate to the content when they "see themselves" in books and that's why our books are multicultural. Children love color and that's why all our books are illustrated in full color. We want our books read and enjoyed at home, in schools, in daycare centers, in libraries, and everywhere adults and children can read together."